• Dark brown terrycot tunic/shorts/trousers (Classes VI onwards)
  • Light mustard terrycot blouse/shirt.
  • Black closed shoes/Black plain shoes with laces
  • Brown socks with light mustard colour stripes
  • School tie & belt
  • Dark brown patka/turban/ribbon


  • Dark brown terrycot/terrywool tunic/shorts/trousers.
  • Light mustard terrycot blouse/shirt
  • Black closed shoes/Black plain shoes with laces.
  • knee length brown woollen stockings with light mustard stripes.
  • School tie & belt
  • Dark brown patka/turban/ribbon.
  • School pullover, School blazer with piping and crest & school cap. Blazer is compulsory for all the students of classes VI onwards.


The school provides transport facilities to all the students who come from any Sector in Chandigarh, Mohali and nearby places.

Though utmost care is taken to provide the transport without any problem, however, the same may not be made available in case of unavoidable circumstances. In such a case it will be the Responsibility of the Parents/Guardian to drop the children to school and to take them back on their own.