Social science exhibition – 2017

Integrity and Anti Corruption rally organised by Heritage Club and Integrity Club
November 10, 2017
I.T. Exhibition – 2017
November 17, 2017

Social science exhibition – 2017


An exhibition for Maths, Social Science & Information Technology was held in the School on 17th November 2017. Students from classes IV to X of the School participated and displayed there innovative talents in the Exhibition.

Various models such as that of Smart projector Input & output devices, Laptops etc were exhibited by the participants in the I.T Exhibition. Charts on various topics viz. Networking components, Artificial intelligence, Binary no.’s, Network architecture, Features of windows 10, Computer languages, Cyber crime, Thin clients, Cloud computing were also displayed . Whereas students of Class VIII made PPT’s on Cyber crime, Video games, Mobile wallet, etc.

In the Maths Exhibition, students presented models based on Fractions, Pythagoras theorem, Angle sum property of the polygons, Graph city, 3 D shapes and prepared charts on Mathematicians like Euclid, Aryabhatta, and Pythagoras etc. Mathematical games were also a part of the Exhibition.

Talking about the Social Science exhibition showcased various models and charts as a part of their project based learning methodology. Classes VI & VII displayed an array of models based on the topics- Indian mountains, Generation of hydro electricity, A volcano, Water cycle, Layers of earth etc. Classes VIII & IX presented the River system, working of a seismograph, Drain age pattern and the special attraction was the concentration camp of Nazi Germany.  Class X students prepared beautiful posters on Gender equality, Pollution and consumer rights, etc.

There was a great deal of enthusiasm shown by the students as everybody appreciated the hands on approach and the learning aspect.