Name of the Class at Entry Level:        Pre - Nursery
Age Criteria:      Born between 30-03-2015 & 31-03-2016
Total No. of Seats:      40
Admission Criteria:  First come first served basis
Documents required for admission:
  • Date of Birth Certificate
  • Two Passport size photographs
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
Registration Fee: Rs. 100-00 (To be paid at the time of submitting   the Application Form)
Fee Structure:

Admission Fee: Rs. 25000-00
Annual Fee: Rs. 11,000-00
Medical (Annual) General Health & Dental Care: Rs. 760-00 (To be paid in two installments; April & September)
Development Fee: Rs. 8000-00
Gait Programme etc. Rs. 2500-00 [To be paid in two Installments]
Student’s Almanac, Magazine, Identity Card & Class Photograph.: Rs. 650-00
Tuition Fee ( Per month): Rs. 3300-00
Smart Class Charges ( Per month) Rs. 150-00
Caution Money (Rs. 3000-00) (Refundable at the end of the session only, on withdrawal)

[ A new Section will be added to Class I. ]

  • Limited seats in other classes.
  • Admission on first come first served basis