Head’s Welcome

From the Principal’s Desk……

Knowledge shall increase in the last days says the Bible. It also says that due to lack of knowledge people perish. How true. We see an explosion of knowledge all over the world today. Technology is advancing at such a pace that the utilities of yesterday have become redundant today. On the other hand the lack of understanding due to illogical use of knowledge has become the cause of destruction of many. This is where Education has a very vital role to play. A wholesome education gives the right perspective to knowledge. Education helps the learner to use knowledge in the right way for right purposes. Education helps knowledge to be transformed into wisdom. It helps a person to think carefully and then put that thought into action. Wisdom is the sustained application of skillful thinking to life. Ideally speaking, education has three basic objectives- developing knowledge, developing skills and developing positive attitudes.

Our endeavour at Mount Carmel is not merely making our students literate but to educate them, because literacy just teaches about life but education teaches how to live that life. We believe that wholesome education is the key to develop a morally, spiritually, intellectually and socially balanced personality. It is our desire that all the students of our School excel in life. In this highly competitive world one has to think big and give his/her best. The renown that riches and beauty confer is fleeting and frail but excellence is a lasting possession needs to be remembered always. To achieve excellence one has to be both efficient and effective. For this one needs an orderly method of working, avoid procrastination, set one’s priorities, schedule every activity and not to do so many things at a time. Hard work is an essential ingredient for achieving excellence. There is no substitute for hard work. The person that turns over the most rocks, finds the gems.

Dr. Earnest Charles J. Samuel
Mount Carmel School
Sector 47-B